Geraldo Gonzalez


Geraldo Gonzalez who is professionally known as “The King of Transit” was born on December 7, 1988 in South, Pennsylvania. Geraldo grew up in Pennsylvania before moving to Wilmington Delaware in the summer of 1996. Geraldo’s first art experiences were drawing stick figures in 2004 before moving on to 3d images in 2006. Geraldo’s favorite artist is Psychedelic and his main source of inspiration is his photography, for which he uses to drawn his transit pieces. Geraldo likes to use anything when it comes to doing his art, which is why he doesn’t like to focus on one subject matter. Geraldo’s art means, “being creative. The important thing about his art is that it has an arts and craft like quality about it. Geraldo’s future ideas are form him to do anything he can think of. He has been a member of CVF for the past two years. But, has known the staff and founder of CVF since December 2011.

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